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Chapel Ministry

The YMCA of the Rockies Chapel Ministry seeks to honor God and embody the teachings of Jesus Christ through the fostering of relationships, stewardship of the natural environment, and creating faith-based programs that are spiritually engaging and respectful of all.
Worship in the Rockies is a regular part of our ministry and contact with staff and guests. We host a non-denominational church service every Sunday at 10:00am. We worship in Hyde Chapel during the summer months, as well as during the season of advent and on special holidays such as Easter. During the rest of the year we worship in Ponder Chapel, located in the Legett Christian Center. We would love for you to come and join us for Worship in the Rockies!
In addition to weekly services, the Chapel Ministry also hosts bible studies, worship hikes, campfire sing-a-longs, special interest classes, and many other opportunities that are spiritually engaging.  And with 2 full time Chaplains on staff, our ministry can help you with weddings, baptisms, memorial services, youth group retreat planning, private events and services, and much more!Check with us to see what we’re offering! Our schedule of events changes every week. Please contact Chaplain Rev. Greg Bunton at or Assistant Chaplain Adam Johnson at

Join us this Christmas for Holiday in Hyde 2019! 

Click here to view the weekly Activity Guide for chapel programs.

What’s going on at Chapel Ministry

Read the Vision for the Future for Chapel Ministry

Inspiring and Deepening Faith: A Capital Project for Hyde, Dannen and Sarah Smith Chapels

Hyde, Dannen and Sarah Smith Chapels are critical parts of YMCA of the Rockies spiritual

experience.  Because of their significance we aim to preserve and update these spaces for generations to come.

For information on this exciting project contact Greg Bunton, Chaplain | 970-586-3341 ext. 1012 | or Carrie Rossman, Director of Philanthropy | 970-586-3341 ext. 6018 |

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