b'Y Awarded a $10K Loveland sculptor Jane DeDecker posesGrant from YLSIEstes Park Womenswith part of the newly-dedicatedOver the past few months, a group Monument a RealityEstes Park Womensof our staff participated in the WorldPEOPLE & PLACES Monument. Photo with Communitycourtesy of JanYMCAs Youth-Led Solutions (YLSI) Organizing Rigby. Summit about the future of work.YMCA OF THE ROCKIESThe goal of the summit was to create By Dr. Karen Lloyd-DOnofriosolutions to challenges of todays world,ESTES PARK CENTER Association Historian specifically around workforce development.SNOW MOUNTAIN RANCHIn tandem with YMCA of the RockiesCAMP CHIEF OURAY YMCA of the RockiesThe monument honors and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) goals, lifts up the role of women inthe group submitted a proposal for assistive and adaptive technology in the workplace our Nations history. and was awarded a $10,000 grant!Fall Training DogWelcome Todd LodwickAfter completing an audit of theSled ExperienceThe Snow Mountain Ranch Nordic Center technological systems and property atis excited to introduce former Olympic silver YMCA of the Rockies, the team of staffHave you ever wondered how wemedalist, World Champion, and Colorado-Back in late 2019, a group of Estes Parkhave a celebration in 2020 quickly evaporated.will work in conjunction with the Coloradotrain our sled dogs for winter whenborn, Todd Lodwick, as the new Nordic Director. women (and men) considered how they couldRegardless, we continued to meet once aDivision of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)theres no snow on the ground? commemorate the 100th year of the passing ofmonth over Zoom. It had not gone unnoticedto ensure maximum inclusivity for allBefore the snow starts to fly at SnowBefore accepting the role at Snow Mountain Ranch, the 19th Amendment in 1920. The Amendmentthat the monuments in town represented localthose who come to work at YMCA of theMountain Ranch the sled dog team isLodwick was the first American to win major titles in gave most, but not all, women in the Unitedbusiness men. This was not unusual. A recentRockies. The Colorado Division of Vocationalhard at work training for the upcomingNordic combined, taking home a gold medal at the 1996 States access to the vote. Women in Coloradoreport, The National Monument Audit, revealedRehabilitation assists individuals whosewinter season. Our Fall Training Dog SledJunior World Championship in Asiago, Italy. Throughout gained the right to vote in 1893, and as athat of the top 50 individuals commemorateddisabilities result in barriers to employmentExperience enables guests to get a behind- his career, Lodwick won 20 National titles. He competed result many, such as Eleanor Hondius of thearound the U.S., only three were women. Theto succeed at work and live independently. the-scenes look at how we train for thein seven World Championship events throughout his career, Estes Valley, used their voices, leadership,decision to create a public monument dedi- winter season. winning gold in 2009 in both the sprint and mass start events. and organizing skills to improve the publiccated to all women of the Estes Valley was anIn October, YMCA of the Rockies hostedHe won a silver medal in the 4x5 km team event in the 2010 amenities in their communities. Gatheredeasy one. With the support of the town board,the YMCA/DVR Symposium at the EstesThe dogsled team pulls guests around theVancouver Winter Olympics. Lodwick has seen six Olympics, local community groups, and individual donors,Park Center. The event focused heavilypropertywithout a sled. Instead, guests sitcompeting in 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. His best our grass-roots movement brought the realityon fellowship, learning and growthin a side-by-side UTV as the dogs practiceindividual result was fourth place in 2010 in the individual normalof creating a plaza and monument came intoopportunities between Y of the Rockies and the DVR. From educational trainings thattheir commands and reacquaint themselveshill/10 km event.being, raising over $100,000 for the project.highlighted disability employment issues and expert panel discussions, to insights into ourwith the trails.Lodwick was born and raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.Our goal was to bring women back intoculture and hiring needs at YMCA of the Rockies, the event was a great step forward inIn addition to the ride, participants learnHe is looking forward to bringing a fresh perspective to the changing the attitudes and mindsets about people with disabilities in a positive way, and our history. To make the work of womenbecoming a more inclusive employer, organization and ally.about the training process from start toNordic program, and is excited to see the Nordic trails in action visible, and to show their contributionsfinish, from how we arrange the lines andthis winter. Im excited to work with the Nordic staff and see to the valleys history.YMCA is deepening its commitment to young people leading global change. team, to how we hook the dogs to a pickethow we can make this winter an even better experience for The YLSI elevates young leaders to tackle the worlds biggest issues. Connectingline. Once this is complete, the guests joinour dedicated Nordic skiers, Lodwick said.Colorados ratification of the 19th AmendmentThrough a competitive process, the grouptogether like-minded individuals from around the world to build the musher on an extended training runSince his arrival this summer, Todd has begun work on Dec. 12, 1919. Library of Congress, Recordschose Jane DeDecker, also the sculptor ofthe skills and solutions necessary to take action in your communities.covering anywhere from 14 to 40 miles!on trail maintenance and improvements to ensure of the National Womans Party Collection several of our Y sculptures including the iconicFind out more at www.youthsolutions.ymca.int that Nordic skiers at Snow Mountain Ranch have Y Kids across from the Administration Building,kilometers of groomed trails to enjoy this winter. together, we modern counterparts reflected onto design the monument, which was dedicatedPart of the work is to incorporate a largerTodd Lodwick welcomed the community at a dryland how much the early women had accomplished,in September 2021. The womens monumentsnowcat for trail grooming, and working tooff-season training event. In preparation for the upcoming including the roles they had played in theis unique and is one of only a handful aroundCamp Chief Ouray at the Zoo ensure more skier-friendly trails for all levelsNordic ski season he demonstrated some of his favorite ways growth of the U.S. and in the towns history.the country that honors and lifts up the roleOn Sunday, October 10th, CCO spent the day at the Denverof skiers.to stay in shape while classic and skate skiing. We realized that those efforts should beof all women in our Nations history. As the Ys historian, I am honored to be part of the teamZoo. The post-camp event gave campers and counselors the acknowledged so all could see and celebrate.and represent the Y (and the women of the Y)opportunity to get together, reconnect, and remember the fun Meetings and plans, like so many others, wereas we celebrate and acknowledge the role oftimes they had over the summer. Families stopped by the table impacted by the pandemic, and the goal towomen in the Estes Valley.at the carousel to chat with staff. It was heartwarming to see all of the tie-dye CCO shirts, and the hugs and laughter.OUR MISSION: YMCA of the Rockies puts Christian principles into practice through programs, staff and facilitiesLearn more about the women in our own institutional history at the womens exhibition in an environment that builds healthy spirit, mind and body for all.at the Lula W. Dorsey Museum, through summer 2022!FALL 2021 | THE VIEWYMCAROCKIES.ORG | CAMPCHIEFOURAY.ORGFALL 2021 | THE VIEWYMCAROCKIES.ORG | CAMPCHIEFOURAY.ORG'