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YMCA of the Rockies Gives Back

March 25, 2020

During this time of need, YMCA of the Rockies staff is serving the mission and giving back to local communities.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues globally, people from all walks of life have been affected. Both Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch have had to temporarily close. Even though each center has closed, during this time of need, staff members have come together to continue to serve the YMCA of the Rockies mission and give back to their local communities. While YMCA of the Rockies is temporarily closed, both Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch have donated perishable foods to local organizations and also distributed food to YMCA staff.


Snow Mountain Ranch donated $1,100 worth of dairy products, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables to Mountain Family Center, an agency coordinating meals for those in need in Grand County, CO. Snow Mountain Ranch also donated $143 of perishable fruit and vegetables to Church of the Eternal Hills in Tabernash, CO to help support their food bank.

$1,500 worth of produce was distributed to Snow Mountain Ranch staff, including both year-round and transitioning seasonal staff to support them during this time.

Snow Mountain Ranch General Manager, Trueman Hoffmeister reflected, “We at Snow Mountain Ranch are glad we have been able to help our local community and staff.  Food insecurity is a real issue for some in Grand County, and we are glad we can help the agencies supporting those needs.”


Estes Park Center donated food to Crossroads Ministry to make available to those in need in the Estes Park community, and also provided food to YMCA staff.

Food donated included:

  • 60 Meal Kits – estimated to serve 2 meals for a family of 4
  • 200+ Individual Milks
  • Fresh Melons
  • 300 Raw Eggs
  • 40 “Take-N-Bake” options which included items such as, “Green Bean Casserole”, “Rice Dishes”, “Baked Potato set ups with fixings”

Estes Park Center Food Service Director, Michael Kingston noted, “These meal kits were put together with nutrition in mind and contained essential proteins, vegetables and starch. There was no wasted food from when we began ramping down our operations.”

As this time of global uncertainty continues to distress people everywhere, YMCA of the Rockies is committed to serving our local communities in any way we can.

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