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YMCA of the Rockies at Home

April 02, 2020

Enjoy the fun for the whole family that YMCA of the Rockies has to offer at your own home.

Enjoy the fun for the whole family that YMCA of the Rockies has to offer at your own home. We are bringing programming to you at home with these digital programs from our staff at Estes Park Center and Snow Mountain Ranch.  They are designed to feed your body, soul and mind! Enjoy and we look forward to seeing you in person soon!

Zoom Backgrounds & Games 

 We’ve created some YMCA of the Rockies Zoom backgrounds to help make those screen sessions a bit more fun! Once you pick out your background, check out our Top 15 Games to Play Over Zoom.

Art, History & Music 

Nature Coloring Sheets 
Cowboy Brad Sings for the YMCA 
Music & Storytime with the YMCA Librarian  
Photography Lesson: How to Make a Timelapse 
Music & Rhythm with Nancy Bell 
Virtual Walking History Tour -  Take a self-guided Clio-Discovery history and walking tour of the YMCA of the Rockies, learn more and download the app here.  
Art & History at YMCA of the Rockies - For many years, artists have visited the area and felt inspired to create pieces based on the breathtaking natural world surrounding them. Some of these artists have been part of the Y’s Artist in Residence program, some have been residents of the town of Estes Park, and others just felt compelled to share the beauty they saw while visiting.

Body & Soul 

Online Yoga - Laura Collins, Homegrown Yoga & Massage 
Boot Camp Workout - Julie Bunton, YMCA of the Rockies boot camp instructor 
Websites for screen-free fun - Mary Ann Degginger, Snow Mountain Ranch Program Director

Sled Talk Saturdays

3.28 - Sled Talk Saturday
4.4 - Sled Talk Saturday
4.11 - Sled Talk Saturday
4.18 - Sled Talk Saturday

Nature, Science & Outdoor Education 

Web of Life Activity - See how everything in nature is connected through a fun activity with Snow Mountain Ranch's Outdoor education. 
Flower Fridays - Learn about spring wildflowers that grow in the Rocky Mountains. Follow along to learn more! 
Egg Drop Challenge Video - A fun science experiment for the whole family. Try illustrating your design and explain why you think your design will prevent the egg from breaking. 
Observation Activities - Learn how to strengthen and create more accurate and detailed observations
Make Your Own Compost 
How-To: Winter Bird Feeder Garland 
How-To: Recycled Bird Feeders 
How-To: Make a Hiking Stick 
How-To: Make a Survival Bracelet

Camp Chief Ouray 

CCO News 112; Episode 1 - Camp Song, LNT 7 Principles, Devo 
CCO News 112; Episode 2 - LNT Principle 2, Birding, Sundial Making 

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