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Websites for Screen-Free Fun

April 27, 2020

Check out these Top Websites for Screen Free Fun that are good for all ages.

As the Program Director at Snow Mountain Ranch, I am responsible for all the fun things we have to do.  As a former teacher and camp counselor, my job is to develop fun activities for our guests that are memorable and fun.

These days,  I am also a mom who is balancing the challenges of working from home, raising a preschooler and 4th grader, and learning how to make distance learning work.  All while trying to keep us all fed with somewhat healthy meals and making the most of this gift of quality time.  These are the best of times and the worst of times! 

Whenever I do have a few minutes to scroll mindlessly through social media, I am overwhelmed with resources available for fun things to do while staying home with your family.  When I do finally commit and click on one of these links or resources, I am usually disappointed that the list has the same things on it that I’ve seen on all the other websites or that the ideas are either too old or too young for my kiddos.

The kinds of websites that I have gotten sucked into have titles like:

  • “100 Scree Free Things To Do With Your Kids At Home”
  • “50+ Screen Free Ideas”
  • “5,001+ Ways to Feel Like You Are A Failure As A Parent.”

Ok, that last one wasn’t real, but sometimes it sure feels like it!

So what I have for you is my curated list of my Top Websites for Screen Free Fun that are good for all ages. You can also sort activities by age so you can get to the good stuff without getting overwhelmed.

Games, book and activity ideas that aren’t fussy and are sorted by age from toddlers to tweens.  The mom that created this site is my hero.

4-H has been a leader in youth development for generations, and I am a proud alumni.  There are a ton of great resources here to help kids learn skills in STEM, healthy living, crafting and more.

The name really says it all!  This site is geared a little toward younger kids, but the activities on it are fun and simple enough that my 4th grader can help be the “teacher” and do the activities she chooses for her little brother.  They are both engaged and no one is crying, so that’s a parenting win!

This site has simple art project ideas sorted by grade level and topic, so you can quickly find a great idea for what to do today without spending hours getting sucked into Pinterest.

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