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Out(In)door Education: Web of Life

April 22, 2020

The Web of Life activity is a great way to introduce students to the importance of an interconnected ecosystem.

By: Tim Anderson, Outdoor Education 

The Web of Life activity we do with our Outdoor Education groups at Snow Mountain Ranch is a great way to introduce students to the importance of an interconnected ecosystem.  In this “indoor” version, families will get an opportunity to discuss with their kids what types of plants and animals are in their area and how they rely on each other for survival! Watch the video and follow the instructions below to do this activity in your own home.


  • Postcards
  • Tape
  • String
  • Marker


Write the names of plants, animals, or other things you see in your local pieces of nature.  For example here in Colorado, I listed:Wolf, Bee, Dead Leaf, Ant, Deer, Flower, Rock, Leaf, Spider, Snake, Beaver, Fish, Rainwater, Mushroom, Earthworm, Bear, Grass, Moose, Owl, Squirrel, River, Sun, Tree, Moose, Eagle


Select one card and tape it to some place to attach your “web”.  I chose a doorknob, and the SUN!


Choose another card/location, and attach your web to the next spot.  This connection should mean something.  Does the Tree rely on the Sun?  Yes!  So make that connection!


Continue to choose connections and build the web!  These connections could go both ways or back to locations again and again!  If you start with a Tree and go to Rainwater, that is a good connection too!  If on part 10 of your web you attach a squirrel, you could also put an extra strand back to the Tree, since it relies on that.


Once you run out of cards (or room) discuss these questions with your family:

  • What types of plants, animals or other things are present in your system?
  • What would happen if one thing is removed from the system?  Two?
  • What would happen if a connection is broken?  Example: What happens to the fish/river connection if a dam is constructed?

We hope you have fun doing this activity and maybe do some thinking about how our ecosystem is connected all around us!  We also hope your living room did not get too difficult to move around in!  Ok maybe we do hope it was messy!  We’d love to see pictures of your webs on social media, and we will see you next time!

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