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Endowment and Planned Giving

April 23, 2021

YMCA of the Rockies Endowment Fund was established to preserve our values.

Your gift ensures a bright future for years to come!

YMCA of the Rockies Endowment Fund was established to provide continuity, stability and preservation of our most cherished values. This program allows us to achieve our goals with the assurance that our mission will be experienced by future generations. Planned giving increases the range of opportunities available to donors like you while continuing to fulfill our worthy mission-driven programs.We believe that endowment development is a process of building funds through various forms of current and planned giving. A priority is placed on drawing only from endowment earnings while leaving the principle intact. We rely on contributions from friends like you to further secure the growth and potential of our endowment.We invite you to work with our professional financial development staff to satisfy your philanthropic goals. As you envision a gift that will make an enduring difference in the lives of all those we impact, you can rest assured that our Y will continue to be a positive, values-driven Association.

View our Planned Giving Guide here: YMCA Planned Giving Guide

Please call 877-686-6968 or email for more information.

Download YMCA Planned Giving Guide
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