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Camp Chief Ouray Bunkhouse Complete

September 18, 2020

The Bunkhouse will be able to host 3 cabins under one roof!

Our newest building is complete! The Bunkhouse (yet to be formally named) will be able to host 3 cabins under one roof, each cabin would hold 10 campers with two staff.

As we looked at our Master Site Plan and tried to prioritize Phase 1, we knew that we needed to address the fact that some of our youngest campers were in a building in the middle of a parking lot (Little Bear) and had to cross traffic to get anywhere on camp. Safety is a big concern in this type of setup, so the Bunkhouse made sense to address these concerns.

Another issue this addresses is 14 campers being two football fields away from the next closest camper on property, so building community with this group and the rest of camp was often very difficult. The new building will replace Little Bear for campers and sits approximately 50 yards to the West of Chief Ouray Lodge. This new building will allow us to accept 16 more campers per week, allowing us to have a greater impact on our community.

Even though overnight camp could not run in 2020, we did have a chance to utilize the building. Snow Mountain Ranch/CCO became the Incident Command (IC) Center for the Williams Fork Fire. What seemed like a small city was erected in a little less than a day and many buildings were used for meeting space, logistics, and operations for the fire.

I was able to give a tour of the new building to a camp family, and we were able to talk with some of the support services during the tour. As we thanked them, they thanked us and could not say enough about the hospitality and accommodations they received in coming to Snow Mountain Ranch. We are proud to support those whose courage in the face of these wildfires was steady, and it also helped our community remain safe.

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