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Cabin Adoption and Donation

April 23, 2021

Every cabin on our grounds is donated by amazing families and individuals just like you.

Every cabin on our grounds is donated by amazing families and individuals just like you who believe so strongly in what we’re doing that they want to provide that same experience for other families for generations. With the YMCA of the Rockies cabin donor programs, you and your family can build traditions for years to come while making it possible for other families to enjoy this same opportunity. Here are some of the options:

Donate a new cabin:

Both Snow Mountain Ranch and Estes Park Center have available cabin sites. This contribution will give donors a 25-year priority reservation option in their cabin.

Adopt an existing cabin:

This option is also available at either center, based on what cabins are available for adoption. The contribution amount depends on cabin size. This contribution will also give donors a 25-year priority reservation option. Contributed funds pay for major renovation to meet today’s YMCA of the Rockies standards.
Learn more here:

Estes Park Center Cabin Information: EPC Cabins 2021

Snow Mountain Ranch Cabin Information: Snow Mountain Ranch Cabins 2021

General Cabin Donation Program Information: Cabin Booklet as of 05.20.21

For more information about these options, please contact:

Estes Park Center:  Linda Rogers, 970.586.3341 ext. 6007

Snow Mountain Ranch: Gretchen Bergen, 970.887.2152 ext. 4268


Download EPC Cabins 2021.pdf
Download Snow Mountain Ranch Cabins 2021.pdf
Download Cabin Booklet as of 05.20.21.pdf
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