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Building the Perfect Campfire and Unique S'more Recipes

May 14, 2020

We like to think our ourselves at YMCA of the Rockies the experts in the art of a family campfire.

We like to think our ourselves at YMCA of the Rockies the experts in the art of a family campfire. The perfect set-up to create a warm, crackling campfire keeps a fire burning well into the evening as the sun sets and the Rocky Mountain air gets crisp.  And the perfect pair to a campfire? S'mores! Warm, gooey mallow, chocolatey goodness between two delicious grams. 

YMCA of the Rockies guests can enjoy views from their personal cabin throughout the year, in addition to many other activities including arts and crafts, horseback riding, guided fly fishing, roller skating, mini-golf, biking, hiking and of course campfires! We want to give you the top tips on creating the perfect campfire and also dish out some creative s'more recipes to keep everyone’s taste buds satisfied! 

YMCA of the Rockies Favorite S'mores Recipes
Candied Bacon S'more
Graham cracker + dark chocolate + marshmallow + candied bacon 

Salted Caramel S'more
Graham cracker + marshmallow + caramel + sea salt 

Nutella S'more
Graham cracker + marshmallow + Nutella
Chocolate Covered Pretzel S'more
Graham cracker + pretzel + chocolate + marshmallow 

Oreo Cookie S'more
Oreo split in half with marshmallow and chocolate inside 

Candy Bar S'more
Graham cracker + marshmallow + favorite candy bar

Now, the real question is... is your marshmallow lightly toasted or burnt to a crisp?!

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