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Birding Workshop at Estes Park Center

June 08, 2021

Join Scott Rashid for a multi-day workshop focused on birds of the Rocky Mountains.

YMCA of the Rockies - Estes Park Center is proud to host Scott Rashid, director of the Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute (CARRI), who will present a 2 day, 3-night workshop from August 24-27 on birds of the Rocky Mountains.

Scott specializes in Northern Pigmy-Owls, Barn Owls, Northern Goshawks, rosy-fiches Hummingbirds, and corvids, as well as all birds of Northern Colorado. A well-known rehabilitation specialist, Scott rescues injured birds of all types. Scott has been working with the YMCA of the Rockies for nearly 20 years at our bird-banding site, where guests from around the world can learn about birds of the Rocky Mountains up close.

1. Register for the Event

Register for the workshop online here.

Pricing: $200/person. Registration includes workshop birding sessions. Participants must be staying in YMCA of the Rockies lodging or a member of YMCA of the Rockies to participate.

2. Book Your Lodging 

Book online from a variety of options of lodging at YMCA of the Rockies to accompany your workshop registration. Cabins start at $174 per night and lodge rooms start at $124 per night. 

Workshop Schedule: 

7pm: Scott will lead a power point on Tuesday evening called Discerning Species: How to tell one bird from another.

9 am: Meet at the Bird Banding site. Scott will band birds, discuss how to use binoculars, and give participants a chance to help band birds.
10:30 am: Birding walk on YMCA property. Look and listen for birds.
12-1: Lunch break on your own. Stop by the Aspen Dining Room or Rustic Cafe for lunch options 
1-4: Bird walk into the National Park. Led by Scott and a YMCA naturalist, this short hike will walk through a Riparian ecosystem. Participants will continue to look and listen for birds.
4-7: Free time 
7-8: Powerpoint Presentation: Hummingbirds of Northern Colorado

9am-4: All day birding trip into Rocky Mountain National Park. We will start on the Tundra and identify high-altitude birds. Then we will do a short secluded hike in the montane ecosystem. Lunch not provided.4-7: Free time
7-8: Powerpoint Presentation: Owls of Northern Colorado
8-9:30: Owl Walk. On the lookout for owls of the Rocky Mountains.

Breakfast on your own, Stop by the Aspen Dining Room or Rustic Cafe for lunch options, and depart from the YMCA of the Rockies 

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