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Adam's Camp reaches new heights

August 01, 2018

Each year, YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch is pleased to host one of our marquee groups, Adam’s Camp.

Each year, YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch is pleased to host one of our marquee groups, Adam’s Camp. With two buildings on the Snow Mountain Ranch property sharing the Adam’s Camp namesake, the YMCA of the Rockies is proud of the partnership created between the two organizations that began back in the mid-80’s.

Since its inception in 1986, Adam’s Camp has aided individuals with special needs in finding and developing the courage, hope, skills and tools necessary for a life full of realizing potentials and developing strengths.

Adam’s Camp all started with a young boy named Adam. Challenged with cerebral palsy, Adam had yet to take his first steps by the time he was five. The school he attended wanted him to use a wheelchair, but his parents and therapists new that with a little help, Adam would be able to take his own steps with the help of a walker. After five days of intensive therapy, Adam managed to take his first steps with assistance.

A year after Adam took his first steps, five families took to Snow Mountain Ranch for the inaugural Adam’s Camp. There, families of individuals with disabilities took to the Rockies and attended the week-long therapy camp. During this time, Adam took his first steps, independent of the walker, and he’s been walking ever since.

Over 30 years later, the goal and vision of Adam’s Camp is still the same—help those with disabilities understand and achieve their full potential.

Adam’s Camp is broken up into two separate groups; therapy and adventure.

Therapy camps consist of therapy-intensive sessions where small groups of younger children with developmental disabilities work closely with different types of therapists over the course of a week.

With the activities available at Snow Mountain Ranch, campers get the opportunity to push themselves to new heights, try new things and realize their potentials.

Realizing potential is an overlying theme of Adam’s Camp. Being around the campers so much, nurse Disa Hansen sees potentials realized every day.

“For some campers, realizing their potential is a matter of just touching the ladder to climb the zip line, for others its climbing a few steps, and for others its actually completing the zip line,” said Hansen, who has been a nurse with Adam’s Camp for six years.

Hansen made it clear that for every camper, potential looks like something different.

Personal growth and reaching new potential isn’t just for the campers at Adam’s Camp. Staff also shared what they’ve learned from their time with the program.

“Each group works with different therapists that all specialize in different disciples,” said Deb Bauer, a physical therapist whose worked with Adam’s Camp for the past ten years.

“I come here year after year, and every year I learn so much from not only the campers, but also the staff. I’m able to take what I learn from everyone and apply it in my own practice back home,” added Bauer.

YMCA of the Rockies-Snow Mountain Ranch gives a great environment and backdrop for Adam’s Camp and its participants to achieve their goals. They say mountains have a healing power, and it’s ever-present when Adam’s Camp is visiting Snow Mountain Ranch.

“We love coming to Snow Mountain Ranch each summer because of the setting and all the activities provided. From the zip-line to the tubing hill and everything in between, the YMCA provides us with a great experience in the most beautiful setting,” said Jordan Ficke, Adam’s Camp adventure camp director.

Year after year, YMCA of the Rockies is honored to host Adam’s Camp, where the two like-minded organizations can team up to help individuals get the most out of life.

To learn more about Adam’s Camp, visit their website here.

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